​Division of Acute Pain

We are a compassionate, comprehensive, and collaborative team of Acute Pain Specialists committed to enhancing perioperative recovery by employing an individualized patient-centered multimodal analgesic and multidisciplinary approach.

The Acute Pain Service (APS) is dedicated to providing surgical patients with an evidence-based and excellent perioperative multimodal analgesia approach throughout their hospital stay with the goal of improving postoperative recovery. We provide 24/7 coverage with highly trained physicians specializing in acute pain management at our main tertiary care hospital (Jacbos Medical Center) and our Burn/Trauma hospital (Hillcrest). Our anesthesiologist-led team provides multimodal analgesia via neuraxial procedures, management of peripheral nerve blocks, opioid and non-opioid management, and implementation of lidocaine and/or ketamine infusions. Our goal, is to minimize perioperative opioid consumption to promote functional recovery, improve outcomes, decrease hospital length of stay, in addition to enhance the overall patient experience. We value a team-based approach consisting of communication, early and ongoing assessment, and education to develop an individualized treatment plan. Our Division is also at the forefront of innovation with multiple research projects as well as participation in national and international meetings (see Publications section).

Surgical Services and the patients we collaborate with:

  •  Surgical Oncology
  •  Colorectal Surgery
  • Breast Surgery
  • Gynecologic Oncology
  •  Urology
  •  Thoracic Surgery
  •  Trauma
  •  Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Orthopedic Joint Surgery
  •  Neurosurgical Complex Spine Surgery
  •  Transplant Surgery (including Liver and Lung)