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Forms and Protocols

The following forms and protocols require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer's hard drive in order to be downloaded for viewing. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here.

UC San Diego Transgenic Core Request For Services - This form MUST be filled out before beginning any work with the Core.

DNA Preparation for Pronuclear Injection - Contact Core personnel for current Pronuclear Injection protocol.

DNA Preparation for Gene Targeting Construct - Here is the final preparation protocol you must use before we transfect your Gene Targeting Construct into ES Cells.

Genomic DNA Extraction from Mouse Tissue - Now that we've given you potential transgenic pups, here is an efficient way to extract DNA from tail fragments for Southern Blot and PCR analysis.

Genomic DNA Preparation from Mouse Tissue - PCR only - This is a phenol-free DNA preparation that can be used with 1-2 mm of mouse tissue for PCR analysis only.

Genomic DNA Extraction from 96-well Plates - Use this method to extract DNA for Southern Blot and PCR analysis of targeted ES cell clones from the duplicate 96-well plates.

Cell Preparation Protocol for Blastocyst Injection - Do you have your own homologous recombinants that you want us to inject into Blastocysts? Use this protocol to prepare your ES cells.