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Transgenic Mouse: Services and Rates

Download a Request for Services form. Descriptions of services and links to more information are below.

Service Moores Cancer Center
member rate
UC San Diego rate Non-UC San Diego rate
CRISPR – cytoplasmic or pronuclear injections$2,970$3,300$4,785
Pronuclear Injection - Inbred Strain$4,263$4,737$6,869
Blastocyst Injection - price per clone$1,985$2,205$3,198
Commercially purchased ES cell maintenance*
(please click the link above for detailed billing facts)
ES-cell Gene Targeting
(Knock-Out or Knock-In) 
into129 ES cells
ES-cell Gene Targeting
(Knock-Out or Knock-In) into C57Bl6 ES cells
RMCE Electroporation$2,657$2,952$4,280
Chromosome Count$162$180$261
Embryo Rederivation$1,439$1,599$2,319
Ovary transplant$936$1020$1,479
Embryo Freezing$1,584$1,685$2,444
In- vitro Fertilization (IVF)$2,190$2,433$3,528
Sperm Freezing*
(please click the link above for detailed billing facts)
Embryo Thawing
(price per line being thawed)
Tailing for screening
(price per transgenic job)

Information from non-Moores Cancer Center principal investigators must be on file before utilizing Shared Resource facilities.You can register online.