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Radiation Medicine


Andrew Sharabi, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Radiation Medicine
Phone: 858-822-6040 


Dominick Sanders
Phone: 858-534-2381

Service profile

  • Irradiation of cells, cell lines, and feeder cells
  • Clonogenic survival studies
  • Whole or partial body irradiation of normal and tumor-bearing mice or rats
  • Stereotactic approaches to tumor control studies in mice/rats
  • Assistance with radiobiologic data interpretation, cell survival modeling (linear quandratic; n, Do), and radiation cell survival illustration


Prices are per hour with a minimum charge of 1 hour

Code Description Cost
RM0001ARadiation Medicine (participating member)$75.91
RM0001BRadiation Medicine (associate member/ other UCSD faculty)$161.09
RM0001CRadiation Medicine (non-university)$233.58

Sample instructions

  • Cells to be irradiated can be brought in tubes or dishes.
  • Mice need to be brought over in covered beakers. (One-liter size covered with aluminum foil works well). No cages, please! 3-4 mice per beaker can be irradiated.
  • Dose rate can be varied from .509 Gy/min. to 15.51 Gy./min.


This resource provides the opportunity for investigators to pursue an interactive approach to the determination of intrinsic radiation sensitivity. The conduct of radiation assays quantifying radiation sensitivity to ionizing radiation in vitro, as well as mathematical modeling of survival parameters are cornerstone services provided. As a corollary, the resource lends expertise to researchers studying the cell cycle control of DNA damage, and genomic instability induced by ionizing radiation both in vitro and in vivo.