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Shared Resources

Genomics and Computational Biology



The major objectives of the Genomics and Computational Biology Shared Resource are to provide Moores Cancer Center investigators with high quality standard, cutting-edge, and custom genomics services and data analyses, as well as consultation on experimental design and training/education about genomic methods and bioinformatics.

  1. To provide expert consultation on experimental designs and analysis approaches of large-scale microarray and NGS datasets.
  2. To generate microarray and high-throughput sequence data in a cost-effective efficient manner with rapid-turn around.
  3. To perform intermediate analysis of high-throughput sequence data including, DNA variant calling, mRNA isoform calling, miRNA analysis and DNA methylation analysis using established pipelines.
  4. To analyze genomic data including tumor profiling for DNA somatic mutations, differential expression analysis, as well as network and systems analysis.

Genomics and Computational Biology Shared Resource Services

  • Consultation for experimental design and assistance with project preparation
  • Training and education (contact any of the resource leaders to be placed on mailing list for announcements)

IGM Genomic Center Services

  • Illumina sequencing
  • PacBio Sequencing
  • 10x Genomics Single Cell RNA Sequencing
  • Library Preparation (DNA / RNA / small RNA)
  • Sample QC
  • Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer / TapeStation
  • Genotyping Arrays
  • Methylation Arrays
  • Covaris Shearing
  • Roche 454 Sequencing
  • Fluidigm Access Array System
  • Affymetrix Microarrays / Nimblegen Arrays
  • Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer / Nanodrop
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Recharge Rates

UC Rate
​Outside Rate
Tape Station$8$12
Library qPCR$10$15
Bisulfite Conversion$10$15
Covaris Access$3$4
Covaris Plate Access$50$73
Covaris Full Service$10$15
Pippin HT Access Only$10$15
Pippin HT First Sample$100$145
Pippin HT Additional Samples$10$15
ChIP-Seq Library, each, First 24$90$131
ChIP-Seq Library, each, Additional Library>24$55$80
DNA Library, each, First 24$100$145
DNA Library, each, Additional Library>24$65$94
mRNA Library, each, First 48$125$181
mRNA Library, each, Additional Library>48$80$116
Ribodepleted RNA Library, each, First 48$175$254
Ribodepleted RNA Library, each, Additional Library>48$125$181
Bacterial RNA Library, each, First 48$225$326
Bacterial RNA Library, each, Additional Library>48$165$239
Small RNA Library, each, First 24$190$276
Small RNA Library, each, Additional Library>24$138$200
Bead Chip Processing$425$616
10X Genomics Run (per sample)$50$73
MiSeq Run (reagents additional)$300$435
HiSeq 2500 SR75 Rapid Run$2,200$3,190
HiSeq 2500 SR100 Rapid Run$2,450$3,553
HiSeq 2500 SR150 Rapid Run$3,000$4,350
HiSeq 2500 PE50 Rapid Run$3,200$4,640
HiSeq 2500 PE75 Rapid Run$3,450$5,003
HiSeq 2500 PE100 Rapid Run$4,275$6,199
HiSeq 2500 PE150 Rapid Run$4,775$6,924
HiSeq 2500 PE250 Rapid Run$6,075$8,809
cBot Duo Clustering (Rapid Runs)$500$725
HiSeq 4000 SR75 Lane$950$1,378
HiSeq 4000 SR100 Lane$1,100$1,595
HiSeq 4000 SR150 Lane$1,250$1,813
HiSeq 4000 PE50 Lane$1,500$2,175
HiSeq 4000 PE100 Lane$1,800$2,610
HiSeq 4000 PE150 Lane$2,100$3,045
HiSeq 4000 Spike In$100$145
(All NovaSeq Rates subject to approval)
NovaSeq S Prime 100, per lane$1700$2125
NovaSeq S Prime 300, per lane$2600$3250
NovaSeq S Prime 500, per lane$3300$4125
NovaSeq S1 100, per lane$2600$3250
NovaSeq S1 200, per lane$3200$4000
NovaSeq S1 300, per lane$4000$5000
NovaSeq S2 100, per lane$5200$6500
NovaSeq S2 200, per lane$7000$8750
NovaSeq S2 300, per lane$8300$10375
NovaSeq S4 200, per lane$5500$6875
NovaSeq S4 300, per lane$6200$7750
NovaSeq S4 200 25 M reads$65$81
NovaSeq S4 300 25 M reads$70$88
Technical Assistance/Hour$55$80

Check IGM website for details


Operating Policies

Please contact Karen Messer for more information.



Kelly A. Frazer, PhD
Professor of Medicine
Phone: 858-246-0208

Pablo Tamayo, PhD
Professor of Medicine
Phone: 858-822-4665

UC San Diego
Moores Cancer Center
3855 Health Sciences Drive
MC 0803
La Jolla, CA 92093-0803
Room B211

Institute for Genomic Medicine (IGM) Genomics Center
Campus Branch Location: Leichtag Family Foundation Biomedical Research Building, Room 172

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