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Microscopy Scheduling


The Cancer Center Microscopy Shared Resource provides a group of specialized techniques and basic as well as sophisticated equipment necessary to achieve basic research objectives of today's laboratory.  The tools that are available enable imaging at the level of the whole animal, individual cells, as well as molecules inside the cells. 

Access to Facility Equipment

Contact the microscopy staff for consultation, and to set up training before using any of the equipment. The facility is subsidized for Cancer Center members by the NCI, hence members are charged a relatively lower rate. Basic instruction on a microscope system can take 1 to 4 hours depending on the instrument and experience of the user. For infrequent microscope use, or for imaging material which requires a great deal of expertise, it may be more cost effective to let us assist you. Please contact us to schedule an assisted imaging session.  On demand technical assistance is available during business hours should you need help or further consultation.

Facility Rules

Microscope time must be booked in advance on the online scheduler

Microscopes must be booked on the online scheduler prior to use.  If you require technical support or training, 2 weeks advanced request is recommended.  Reservations may be made no more than 2 weeks in advance (contact microscopy staff for rules regarding the NikonA1R STORM), and canceled no less than 24 hours before the start of the booking.  If you have to cancel a reservation in less than 24 hours, please contact the microscopy staff.

Inform the manager of any usage that differs from that in the scheduling system

If you work longer or shorter than the time slot you scheduled, please contact the microscopy staff so they can modify your session accordingly. If you are found to be using time without scheduling, or using more time than scheduled for, you will be charged fines or your privileges may be revoked.

After-hours use is encouraged

Access card activation is available upon request.

Trainings on any instruments are conducted by facility staff ONLY

Users may not train new users on any of the microscopes.

Biosafety regulations have to be followed by all users

The NikonA1R confocal STORM microscope, the Deltavision Deconvolution system, and the Keyence BZ-X710 are housed in a BSL2 room, all other microscopes are in a BSL1 ONLY room. 

Image files are not to be left on any computers for longer than one month

All image files will be deleted without warning after this timeframe. If you need an extension to this rule, please let us know.

Instruments and facility must be left in a tidy manner

Objectives should be free of oil and dirt, and consumables should be disposed of properly. If you need more cleaning supplies, please ask the staff.

If you notice anything is broken or malfunctioning, please notify staff

Prompt notification will lead to prompt repair.

All equipment should be treated respectfully

Persons responsible for equipment damage are financially liable if the equipment was damaged due to improper use. Never attempt to alter hardware of software setups on your own. Any alterations MUST be pre-approved. Any approved modifications to microscope configurations MUST be returned to the previous configuration when the work is complete.

Publications and/or abstracts that have employed the facility must acknowledge the Cancer Center Grant P30 CA23100

Any work utilizing Cancer Center equipment or staff support, or funded by NCI, must acknowledge the UCSD Cancer Center Microscopy Shared Facility Specialized Support Grant P30 CA23100-28. Cancer Center equipment is listed under the Cancer Center scheduling calendar and supported by Kersi Pestonjamasp.