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Fluorescence Imaging

‚ÄčeXplore Optix (GE/ART)

The eXplore Optix is an in vivo preclinical fluorescence imager developed by ART and distributed by GE Healthcare. It is based on time domain optical technology to provide quantitative in vivo images of both fluorescence intensity and uniquely fluorescence lifetime. All other commercial scanners are limited to imaging solely fluorescence intensity with an order of magnitude decrease in sensitivity. The eXplore Optix can image any fluorophore in the visible and near-infrared spectrum. Beyond standard fluorescence intensity imaging, fluorescence lifetime imaging can be employed for FRET probes, environment-sensitive lifetime probes, and removing confounding tissue autofluorescence. The eXplore Optix can also be used to image ex vivo/in vitro samples and for bioluminescence imaging.

The eXplore Optix was funded by a NIH S10 grant, PI Dr. Hall, who was previously Chief Scientist of ART where he led the development of the eXplore Optix. Dr. Hall is available for consulting as needed.