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7-AAD on Fixed Cells

Stain dead cells and then fix them so that only the dead cells keep the 7-AAD

Adherent Cell DNA Staining

Only use if the other protocols fail. The samples are stored before staining, but it's more complicated.

Antibody Staining

General Antibody Staining Protocol

Apoptosis with PI Only

To stain cells with only PI to measure apoptosis (quick and dirty)

Cell cycle with PI

First choice protocol to stain most cell types with Propidium Iodide (PI) to measure DNA content


DNAse treatment of cells that tend to clump

Ethidium Monoazide (EMA)

Stain dead cells and then be able to fix them, as with the 7-AAD above.


Determine the cell cycle of GFP positive and/or negative cells. Unfortunately, GFP usually has a 48 half-life!

Isolated Nuclei DNA Staining

A quick way to stain suspension or adherent cells without storage

Nuclear Antigen and DNA Content with PI (2)

Use one of these protocols to stain cells for a nuclear antigen and DNA content

Surface Antigen and DNA Content with PI

To stain surface antigens and measure DNA Content

Sorting Preparation

This will help you prepare for sorting and estimate yields


To get the most out of your antibodies, titrate them.

Yeast Cell Cycle

These dyes work better than Propidium Iodide:

Other protocols

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