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Service Profile

Archived Biospecimens

The biorepository has a collection of blood components and solid tissue from most organ sites including head and neck, lung, liver, pancreas, appendix, colon, rectum, kidney, breast, prostate, skin, brain with cancer diagnosis. 

See below for details:
• Plasma
• Serum
• RNA stabilized buffy coat
• Urine
• Fresh frozen solid tumor specimen
• Fresh frozen solid tumor specimen with matching buffy coats
• FFPE (human) for research
• FFPE (animal) for research

Quality assurance (QA) data can be provided upon request.

Prospective Collection

Biospecimens for prospective study can be collected for approved projects, see below for type. See How to Request tab for prospective collection.

• Whole Blood
• Fresh frozen solid tissue
• Fresh viable solid tissue
• FFPE for research
• Saliva
• Ascites
• Any other bodily fluids

Longitudinal collection for Biospecimens can be provided for approved projects/studies.
Solid tissue requested by clinical trials can be provided also. 

Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM)

The Applied Biosystems® ArcturusXT™ LCM System is a unique microdissection instrument that offers the power of two lasers—combining laser-capture and laser-cutting into one modular platform. LCM service is available to users for a variety of applications. ArcturusXT™ LCM system is located at Moores Cancer Center. 

This unique system provides the following features: 
Gentle IR laser ideal for capture of single cells and small numbers of cells 
UV laser offers unprecedented speed and precision optimal for dense tissue structures and capturing large numbers of cells 
Simple, intuitive system designed to ensure custody of your sample 
Part of Complete System for Microgenomics® designed for your research 

First time users can request to be added to be an authorized user. Only UC San Diego and C3 members are allowed access to the shared resources. After getting access to Microscope scheduler you can manage your time for LCM booking. 

Authorized users, to book your time, please email or or submit online inquiry form.

General protocols

Pathology Consultation

Pathology consultation for diagnosis and evaluating tissue quality may be provided upon request. Research projects, prospective projects and clinical trials can use consultation.


Short term storage for -80º freezers and LN2 freezers may be provided upon request.