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Karen S. Messer
Professor, Department of Family Medicine and Public Health
Phone: 858-822-4334

Project manager

Emily Pittman, PhD
Phone: (858) 246-1595
Mail Code 0901


Room 3037, Moores Cancer Center

Service profile

  • Data analysis and interpretation for Cancer Center research projects using contemporary statistical and bioinformatic methodologies
  • Development and support of electronic data capture systems for investigator-initiated therapeutic clinical trials, observational studiens, patient registries and other needs 
  • Statistical / Bioinformatics expertise in study design, including research proposal development, sample size determination and power calculation, and analysis plans.
  • Development of study-specific databases to support Cancer Center research. Develop and maintain these databases in a uniform manner.
  • Methodologic research in cancer-related biostatistics and bioinformatics to support Cancer Center projects
  • Education in biostatistics and bioinformatics to graduate students, oncology residents, fellows and Cancer Center investigators.
  • Discussion of miscellaneous statistical questions of all types


The Biostatistics Resource collaborates on protocol and grant development, data analysis and interpretation, manuscript preparation, and database development for cancer-related research projects. As a service to its members, the Cancer Center provides this support for peer-reviewed cancer-related research with out charge, for shorter-term projects. Projects which develop into longer-term collaboration or which are used to apply for external funding will be asked to include support for the Biostatistics Resource.

We are required to recharge for service to non-Cancer Center members, longer term collaboration, or non-peer reviewed projects. Our hourly rate is $84 per hour for UC members and $200 per hour for non-UC members, and we are happy to discuss the cost of your project.


  • Karen Messer, PhD, Director, Biostatistics
  • Tony Chen, Software Programmer and Analyst
  • Lei Bao, PhD, Principal Statistician Bioinformatics
  • Charles Berry, PhD, Professor Biostatistics (Emeritus)
  • Sonia Jain, PhD, Professor Biostatistics
  • Viswanath Nandigam, MS, IT Lead
  • Hongying Li, PhD, Senior Statistician
  • Lin Liu, PhD, Principal Statistician
  • Loki Natarajan, PhD, Professor Biostatistics
  • Emily Pittman, PhD, Project Manager
  • Minya Pu, MS, Principal Statistician
  • Martha White, MS, Programmer and Data Analyst