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Cancer Center Membership

Categories of Membership

There are two categories of membership, each with specific criteria relating to the NCI-designated functions of the institution, as described below.


  • Member
  • Associate Member

Apply for Membership

To begin the application process please visit the Membership page.

Membership Criteria

1) Member

  • Faculty appointment at UC San Diego or San Diego State University, La Jolla Institute, Scripps Research Institute, J. Craig Venter Institute, or other non NCI-designated institution
  • Have recent publications that are relevant to cancer and/or cancer focused
  • Be significantly collaborating with other peer-reviewed Moores Cancer Center members
  • AND meet at least one of the following criteria: 
    • Hold an NIH R01 cancer-related grant* or equivalent peer-reviewed grant**
    • Be leading investigator-initiated Moores Cancer Center clinical trial
    • Have a leadership position in NCI National Clinical Trials Network/COG studies (National or Institutional PI or Study Chair, PI on U10 grant, NCTN Committee Chair)
    • Have a Moores Cancer Center leadership role to organize an essential activity or service, as appointed by the center director

2) Associate Member

  • Faculty appointment at UC San Diego or San Diego State University
  • Above faculty who are involved in cancer research and/or patient care or clearly and consistently interested in cancer (as defined by their field of research or area of clinical activity) but does not meet requirements for Member criteria

Benefits of Moores Cancer Center Membership

Associate Member

  • Access to attend Moores Cancer Center-sponsored retreats, lectures, seminars, and journal clubs
  • Opportunities to participate in center-organized, pharmaceutical-sponsored group clinical trials
  • Access to help from member relation Moores Cancer Center personnel in obtaining information about center programs, services, and cancer news
  • Eligibility to participate in meetings and joint research activities of a sponsored Moores Cancer Center research program
  • Invitation to apply for Moores Cancer Center intramural grant monies for pilot projects or as stipulated by a given RFA
  • Eligibility for assistance from the Moores Cancer Center in public media announcement of research and clinical achievements
  • Preferred access to Moores Cancer Center shared resource facilities
  • Listed on the Moores Cancer Center's website, granted access to the OncLine intranet and added to listserv for cancer center announcements
  • Access (via email) to The Cancer Letter and The Clinical Cancer Letter
  • While in good standing, automatic membership in the San Diego NCI-designated Cancer Centers Council (C3) (
  • Opportunity to participate in shaping the future of Moores Cancer Center

Note: At the sole discretion of the director, junior or new UC San Diego faculty who have been recruited by Moores Cancer Center and show strong potential as a cancer researcher and/or clinical investigator may be  approved as  Members and receive discounted shared resource rates.


In addition to the benefits noted above for Associate Members:

  • Entitlement to use Moores Cancer Center shared resources at discounted rates relative to other users***
  • Eligibility to occupy Moores Cancer Center research space
  • Eligibility for financial support of seminar series' that parallel the Moores Cancer Center's mission
  • Eligibility for administrative support on NIH Moores Cancer Center-type grant efforts (P01, or nominated opportunities, etc.)
  • Assistance with financial management of research grants if occupying Moores Cancer Center space
  • Proposal of new shared resources, which would facilitate and advance new research activities and initiatives
  • Access to assistance with designing statistically valid laboratory experiments and clinical trials (e.g., biostatistics, CTO, Clinical Protocol Development Service, etc.)
  • Access to assistance with launching new diagnostic and therapeutic clinical trials or being partnered with clinicians who can help translate bench discoveries into clinical trials. This includes help with Institutional Review Board (IRB) applications and federal regulatory requirements (IND’s, etc.
  • Opportunities for improved research or clinical space or facilities, clinical specimen (blood, urine, tissue) collection, improved animal space, etc.

Duties of Moores Cancer Center Membership

Associate Members

  • Willingness to support the Strategic Plan of the Moores Cancer Center
  • Willingness to help accrue patients to center-associated clinical trials, cooperative and other Moores Cancer Center clinical trials, where possible
  • Acknowledgement of membership at Moores Cancer Center, UC San Diego in publications if occupying Moores Cancer Center space or if supported by developmental or intramural grant funding or having utilized Moores Cancer Center Shared Resources***
  • Willingness to participate, as requested, in Moores Cancer Center leadership, advisory or selection committees, pilot grant reviews, speak on behalf of Moores Cancer Center as community liaison and in public relations efforts, recruitment interviews, attendance at retreats, seminars and lectures
  • Provide progress reports on pilot research conducted with Moores Cancer Center intramural awards


In addition to duties for associate members:

  • Willingness to develop investigator-initiated clinical trials
  • Sustained evidence of cancer-related publications and grants
  • Participating in at least one Moores Cancer Center sponsored retreat per academic year
  • Attendance at Moores Cancer Center research program meetings
  • Evidence of interaction with other Moores Cancer Center members as defined by joint publications, joint grants or joint research activities
  • Provide annual update of publications, grants obtained and summary of current research interests.
  • Willingness to participate in an annual member surveys (e.g., shared resources) and to assist Moores Cancer Center in its strategy and service planning efforts


*Definition of Peer-Reviewed, Funded Research Projects for Inclusion in programs and for designation of users in shared resources: Peer review as employed by the NIH is the acceptable standard for inclusion of a cancer-related research project within a formal Program. Only research projects that are awarded based on this standard are eligible for inclusion in research programs. This includes:

  • Research grants, cooperative agreements and research contracts from the NCI, including all awards with the following prefixes: R00, R01, R03, R15, R18, R21, R24, R25, R33, R35, R41, R42, R55, R56, P01 and P50 sub-projects, P20, SC1, SC2, U01, U10, U19, U54, U56, UG1, UG3, UH2, UH3, UM1, UM2, N01 research contracts and peer-reviewed, funded subcontracts of Center members participating in collaborative research. (Note: Shared Resources of multi-component grants are not eligible for inclusion)
  • Components of NCI National Clinical Trials Networks (e.g., U10s, U19s).
  • Individual research studies involving protocols approved by the NCI Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (CTEP) and funded by NCI.
  • Individual research studies involving prevention and control protocols approved by the NCI Cancer Control Protocol Review Committee and funded by NCI.
  • Awarded cancer-related research grants, cooperative agreements, and research contracts from other institutes of the NIH (same prefixes as above).

**Research projects funded by the non-NIH organizations with peer review funding systems listed here.

***Shared Resources: Biorepository and Tissue Technology, Biostatistics, Clinical Trials, Biobehavioral, Digital Imaging, Flow Cytometry, Genomics and Computational Biology, Microscopy, Transgenic Cores, Chemical Library Screening (@ Sanford Burnham Prebys).