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Solid Tumor Therapeutics

Scientific Goals

The development of safe and effective therapeutic and diagnostic agents and the strategies to guide their use is essential to improving the care of cancer patients in our catchment area and beyond. The role of the Moores Cancer Center Solid Tumor Therapeutics Program (STT) is to use the enormously powerful new cellular, molecular and imaging tools now available to drive the development of treatment strategies that exploit unique tumor cell vulnerabilities. To accomplish this, STT brings together faculty who are experts in each stage of the development process in a collaborative endeavor to leverage new tools and technologies in pursuit of the development of novel therapeutics and to advance the diagnostic and biomarker tools needed to precisely direct their use. The strategy for executing this mission involves a spectrum of basic, translation and clinical research efforts directed toward: 1) the identification of tumor vulnerabilities, mechanisms and targetable alterations; 2) the development of new classes of therapeutics and delivery systems; 3) the development of  novel technologies to detect tumors and define tumor geography, microenvironment and exploitable metabolic and signaling defects; 4) establishing the clinical benefit of novel therapeutics and genome-driven treatment strategies.

Research of program members is focused in three thematic areas:

  1. Immune Oncology theme encompasses the application of personalized immunologic diagnostics, technologies, and therapeutics.

  2. Cancer Stem Cells theme studies signals that drive tumor propagation and resistance (cytotoxic and immune), and develops strategies to target stem cell signals hijacked during tumorigenesis.

  3. Patient-specific Precision Therapy theme investigates using tumor “omics” (e.g., genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics etc.) to guide therapy.


Cancer Cell

Ezra Cohen, MD

Ezra Cohen, MD Professor of Medicine           858-822-5800                                
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Jeremy Rich, MD, MHS, MBA

Stephen B. Howell, MD

Professor of Medicine            858-822-2703                                 
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