Our laboratory co-organizes or participates in the following educational activities.

Cancer Genomics Journal Club

Dr Harismendy is organizing the a weekly cancer genomics journal club. Information on scope, schedule and logistics can be found aMED278

CRISPR Screening

In collaboration with Cancer Cell Map Initiative Dr Harismendy organizes a CRISPR screening workshop every year in the Fall.

Student Research Talks

Dr Harismendy is one of the attending faculty for the BNFO 283 Student Research Talks, which offers Bioinformatics and Systems Biology graduate students in 1st and 2nd year to present their research results and gain expererience in scientific oral presentation.

Cancer Genomics Cross-Lab meeting

The Moores Cancer Center Cancer Genomics Pan-Laboratory Meeting (CG Cross-Lab) is a weekly meeting where several laboratories discuss unpublished science to foster collaborative, innovative projects in basic and translational cancer biology, leveraging genomics, bioinformatics and high throughput approaches