COVID-19 Updates

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What is OPTIMUS?

Outreach Program TInspire Minority and Underrepresented Students

OPTIMUS is an educational 6 week cancer research internship for high school students at UC San Diego's Moores Cancer Center. Our mission is to increase diversity in the clinical and biomedical research workforce.

Coronavirus Pandemic

As disappointing as this is to announce, we are unfortunately not going to be offering OPTIMUS this year (2020). In-person internship programs like ours are simply unsafe to continue to carry out during this pandemic. Depending on what the future holds, we will hopefully be able to offer OPTIMUS next year.

2020 Scholarships

Despite our limitations this year, we still wanted to help in a tangible way. This year we used a portion of the funds that normally would have gone towards hosting OPTIMUS to offer scholarships for our applicants. Congratulations to those who received this assistance and we wish you luck on your educational journey!

(This message will be altered or removed if in-person internships like ours become safe again)