CT2 Program Lecture Series

All lectures are on Tuesdays from 12 to 1 p.m. in Comer Commons at Moores Cancer Center (directions and map). Lunch is available at 11:40 a.m. for those attending the lecture. 

Principles of Cancer Drug Therapeutics Development

This is a series of weekly lectures delivered by CT2 and UC San Diego faculty members focusing on the necessary sequential steps involved in drug development.

Topics in Cancer Drug Development

This is a series of lectures by industry leaders in cancer drug development. The goal is to expose trainees to experts with a substantial track record in the “real life” challenges of cancer drug development. The lecturers are typically CEOs, directors of research, or medical directors from companies in the San Diego biomedical community, although experts from large pharmaceutical companies have also participated. The outside speakers are invited to discuss challenges of developing a given target or novel therapeutic and give fellows an opportunity to hear the story of the development of specific therapeutic agents.

Upcoming Lectures

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Robert Abraham, PhD
A Tale of Two Drugs: The Development of Lorlatinib and Palbociclib
​Boris Minev, MD
Calidi Biotherapeutics
​Oncolytic Virus Therapies Potentiated by Cell-Based Delivery Platforms
Steven Dowdy, PhD
Developing RNAi Therapeutics to Treat Cancer: Tackling a Billion Years of Evolutionary Defenses
Maurizio Zanetti, MD
The UPR regulates tumor cells and the immune microenvironment
Ronald Evans, PhDSALK
Gene Expression Lab
Vitamin D as a Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer
Edward Stites, MD/PhD
Integrative Biology Lab
​A Systems Mechanism for KRAS Mutant Allele Specific Responses to Targeted Therapy
​Frank Furnari, PhD
​Ludwig Institute
​Leveraging nuclear PTEN function for therapy in glioma
Geoff Wahl, PhD
Gene Expression Lab
New approaches to understand the genesis and Interdiction of Intratumoral heterogeneity
​Napoleone Ferrara, MD
​Michael Bouvet, MD
​Development of Imaging Probes for Fluorescence Guided Surgery
Jing Yang, PhD

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