Community Outreach and Public Education

Cancer outreach programs at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center are directed by Georgia Sadler, BSN, MBA, PhD. The program focuses on promoting community awareness of cancer prevention and early detection, clinical trials accrual, and palliation.

Public Education Programs

Developing Strategies to Reach the Deaf Community with Health Information

In cooperation with Deaf Community Services of San Diego, this program improves access to health care and raises the level of cancer education in the deaf community. The program also includes a train-the-trainer education program to implement health intervention strategies via grassroots transmission of information about both men's and women's gender-linked cancers. See our ASL education program section for more information.

Education Programs for Hispanic Americans

The main goal of this research study is to determine whether an education program that was developed for the Hispanic American community can create a shift in knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors related to research participation. If this educational program is effective, there will be an immediate and long term public health benefit. Ultimately this will advance the health and well-being of the Hispanic American community as greater participation in health research increases the generalizability of research findings to this rapidly growing community.

Pacific Asian Grocery Store Cancer Education

San Diego is home to a large Asian and Pacific Islander population in which English is not the primary language, and offers an opportunity to overcome cultural and language barriers in the dissemination of important health care information. The Pacific-Asian Grocery Store Cancer Education is a demonstration project that partners with Asian grocery stores to do this. Staff is composed of a variety of bicultural and bilingual UC San Diego undergraduates who are trained to work as community health educators, disseminating information about cancer prevention, early detection, and clinical trials to these important members of our community.

Programs That Made a Difference

American Sign Language Fellowship Program

This program, the first of its kind, involved first- and second-year medical students enrolled at UC San Diego between 2003 and 2008. Made possible with grant funding and partnerships with Gallaudet University, Deaf Community Services of San Diego, and the National Association for the Deaf, the program aimed to create Deaf-friendly, culturally competent doctors with a social level of ASL. Students in the self-paced program also spent a summer at Gallaudet University. They gained skills in:

  • ASL in the context of the medical setting
  • Deaf culture
  • Cancer prevention with a focus on early detection, prompt intervention, and clinical trials

Former fellows are now working as physicians throughout the country.

African-American Cosmetologists Promoting Health

The African-American Cosmetologists Promoting Health program provided breast health and breast cancer prevention education to the African-American community through a network of San Diego-based beauty salons. African-American cosmetologists, trained in early detection and prevention of breast cancer and diabetes, and educate clients in a comfortable setting about the risks of developing breast cancer. The program was noted in Malcolm Gladwell's "The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference" as an example of changing the context and delivery of a message to more effectively reach people.

Clergy Cancer Education Program

The Clergy Cancer Education Program collaborates with churches to promote awareness and a better understanding of three main cancer issues: (1) cancer prevention, (2) clinical trial opportunities, and (3) pain management and palliative care options. The program currently involves clergy and lay church leaders from 24 churches in San Diego and Imperial counties.



Georgia Sadler, PhD

Georgia Sadler, BSN, MBA, PhD,
Associate Director for Community Outreach

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