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Partnering with LRF MOMI CORE provides unique access to an innovative solution-driven team of researchers, clinicians, educators and trainees who focus on human milk at the interface of maternal and infant health. We welcome academic as well as corporate and private partnerships that share the common goal of advancing knowledge on human milk and lactation in a rapid, efficient and productive way, while ensuring outstanding research excellence.

Academic and Corporate Partnership Benefits

  • collaborate and consult with faculty experts and research teams
  • access a large pool of highly talented students and trainees for internships or job recruitments
  • fast-track research contracts and service agreements
  • access milk and other biological samples as well as analytical and clinical datasets from large clinical and non-clinical populations

To explore collaborations and academic and corporate partnerships, join us for a conversation by contacting the LRF MoMI CoRE Director Dr. Lars Bode at 858 246 1874 or

Community Partnerships

Our community partners range from non-governmental organizations to individual mothers who join us in educating the local and global community about human milk and help raise awareness and funds to support our research.

To learn more about community partnerships, contact Dr. Sara Moukarzel at 858 246 1874 or