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MOMI Seeds

We know that getting started can be one of the most challenging parts of research, that’s why we created MOMI Seeds - an annual grant program that serves as a launch pad for researchers from across the sciences to study human milk from their unique perspectives. The MOMI Seeds program serves to fuel the engine of ongoing discovery in human milk and lactation.

2019 MOMI Seeds

The application deadline for 2019 MOMI Seeds was October 15, 2018, and applications are currently under peer-review. Click Here to learn more out about the 2019 MOMI Seeds program, the 2019 Research Priority Areas, and who applied.

2018 MOMI Seeds

Congratulations to the 2018 MOMI Seeds Award Recipients!

The first request for MOMI Seeds pilot grant proposals closed on October 15, 2017, and we received a total of 27 applications​ highlighting the immense interest in and potential for human milk and lactation research at UC San Diego and emphasizing the high demand for additional funding in this critical line of research. The 2018 MoMI Seeds are one-year competitive awards (up to $50,000) to fund early stage projects with relevance to defined Research Priority Areas. Click Here to learn more about the 2018 MOMI Seeds program, the 2018 Research Priority Areas, who applied, and which projects were selected for funding

Additional Information and Consultation

Please email us or call (858) 534-9599 for any administrative questions related to MOMI Seeds or to schedule an appointment with the Center Director or Executive Director to consult on scientific or programmatic questions related to MOMI Seeds. 

MOMI Seeds are supported by the Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation Research and Collaboration Fund. In addition, the 2018 MOMI Seeds are supported by a generous anonymous donor.