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External Advisory Board

Vinton G. Cerf, Ph.D Gordon N. Gill, M.D
Vinton (Vint) G. Cerf, Ph.D
“Father of the Internet”;
Co-designer, TCP/IP protocols
Alan M. Turing Medalist 
V.P and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google Inc.
Shu Chien, Ph.D
Professor, Bioengineering, UCSD
Director, Institute of Engineering and Medicine
U.S National Medal of Science (2011)
Member, NAE, NAS, IoM, AAAS.
Shu Chien, Ph.D Melvin I. Simon, Ph.D
Gordon N. Gill, M.D
Professor Emeritus, UCSD
Former Dean of Science, UCSD
Melvin I. Simon, Ph.D
Professor Emeritus, Caltech
Co-Chair, the Alliance for Cell
Signaling (AFCS; 1999-2009)