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News & Events

Feb 2018

Chancellor's Center Seed Launch Award to usher a new era in disruptive research 

Apr 2018

Round Table with Vinton G. Cerf [Father of the Internet, VP, Google Inc.]

Highlights include: On April 2nd we organized an open discussion of the Center's goals and approaches. We hosted multiple Pharma Executives, UCSD Academicians, and several of our EAB members. Goal was to cross-pollinate transdicsiplinary ideas, and yes we successfully achieved that goal!

Apr 2018

First Quarterly Report for the Center for Network Medicine:

Highlights include: 


  • The translational medicine component of the CNM (led by PI Ghosh) was successful in:
      • Receiving $726,896 from Takeda Pharmaceuticals for the first "TCP/IP"-based actionable target and companion biomarker in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. 

Growing the team: Academic and Industrial partnerships

  • Addition of a new sector: Host-Microbe Communications; expect synergy with Microbiome Initiative (Knight).
  • Addition of a new initiative to enable translational studies on human cell-cell, organ-organ communication: Human Organoid-based Research: Modeling Diseases in a Dish. [Lead: Soumita Das, Ph.D.; proposed HQ: DOM/GI].
  • Expansion of our External Advisory Board: Shu Chien has joined us, alongside Vint Cerf, Tony Hunter, Gordon Gill and Mel Simon. All remain very active in providing both scientific and strategic guidance.


Enabling Trainees: New Pre- and Postdoctoral Fellowships Awarded:
  • American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellowship to Jason Ear [Ghosh Lab]; he is working between the Ghosh and Kufareva labs to study the structural basis for dynamic signaling networks.
  • Chancellor's Research Excellence (CRES) awards for transdisciplinary training of GSRs: Lee Swanson (Ghosh-Rangamani labs). 

May 2018

Launch of the Official Website for the Center for Network Medicine

Join us in celebrating the launch of the official website for the Center for Network Medicine! Learn about the Center for Network Medicine, our team members, our research, and so much more through exploring our site.