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Postdoctoral Opportunities:

Postdoctoral training positions in the laboratory of participating faculty members is tailored for those who seek to pursue a serious future career in biomedical sciences either in academia or in the industry. Our labs foster vibrant transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research programs that are both busy and fun. Fellows are expected to lead 2-3 projects, and extensively collaborate on others in order to maximize productivity through numerous peer-reviewed publications. Candidates must be competent and confident, while being meticulous and rigorous. Duration of less than 2 years of commitment will not be entertained. Preferably the position should be 3-5 years long. The fellows will be encouraged to work with their mentors and program leads to craft a career development plan. Contributions of trainees are recognized by sharing ownership with generated IP. New companies spurred by innovative science will further create job opportunities for newly minted independent scientists who wish to pursue their entrepreneurial instincts.   


Interested applicants should apply with CV to-; CC to