Graduate and Undergraduate

Undergraduate Education:

The project we propose will create ample opportunity to engage undergraduate students in diverse aspects of this transdisciplinary research. This will create mentoring opportunities for the graduate students—but our experience is that sufficiently committed undergraduates often become equally contributing members of the team. Some of the requested funds will be utilized to provide financial support for undergraduate research during the summer period in order to facilitate long-term and continuous involvement with the project. We have found that long-term involvement is critical for the most productive undergraduate research experience. The intrinsically multidisciplinary nature of this project also creates opportunities to engage undergraduates directly through course teaching. Several of us have developed and continue to teach courses on related topics. A key element of the undergraduate teaching is to encourage students to crossover between disciplines, for example, for a cell biology student to work in a physical chemistry or computational lab.

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Graduate Education

This project presents a tremendous opportunity to train students enrolled in diverse STEM disciplines. Each participating laboratory brings a distinctly different technical expertise. Our faculty members participate in several Ph.D. programs, including Bioengineering, Bioinformatics, Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences; students enrolled in any of these programs are eligible for training.

Participating graduate students will network with trainees within their respective host labs, as well as with faculty and trainees in other labs. Such networking will spur cross-pollination of transdisciplinary ideas and instill in them an appreciation for the essential need for collective expertise to solve challenging problems. These experiences will empower individuals and generate successful scientific thinkers who thrive by working across disciplines. We expect that these effects will extend beyond the involved students as they network with their peers who are not a part of our program.

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