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The New Science of Practical Wisdom – A Companion Animation by Charles Cassidy Evidence-Based Wisdom Project, features our research on wisdom

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More Seniors Are Embracing Technology. But Can They Use It? UCSD Researchers Suggest Asking Them, Forbes, cites research at the UC San Diego Center for Healthy Aging

San Diego Researchers Are Contributing To A Human Spaceflight Mission To Mars, KPBS, features Alan Hargens, PhD, and Brinda Rana, PhD

Some older Americans spend more than 10 waking hours alone — here’s why that could be harmful, MarketWatch, features Dilip Jeste, MD

It turns out there’s at least one advantage of getting older, and it’s huge, MarketWatch, features Dilip Jeste, MD

Study: Seniors’ Physical and Mental Health Linked to Optimism, Epoch Times, features Dilip Jeste, MD

Physical, mental health of seniors linked to optimism, wisdom, loneliness: Study, Economic Times, features Dilip Jeste, MD and Danielle Glorioso, LCSW