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The Kick-off of the 2016 Stein Public Lecture Series

By Maja Gawronska

On the January 27 the UC San Diego Center for Healthy Aging hosted the kick-off of the 2016 Stein Public Lecture Series. The first event of took place on the UCSD campus. About 120 older adults from the community informed themselves about the topic “Taking Steps to Prevent Falls” in the lecture of Kimberley Bell, DPT.

"Falls are a threat to the health of older adults and can reduce their ability to remain independent," said Dr. Kimberley Bell, Co-Chair of the San Diego Fall Prevention Task and San Diego County Aging & Independence Services “Public Health Champion” of 2011.

The Stein Public Lecture Series provides an opportunity for renowned researchers and clinicians to share their expertise on aging-related topics with the lay community. These lectures are hosted each month on the UCSD campus in La Jolla and broadcast online where they have been viewed more than 23M times. Learn more from our Video Archive. 

Dr. Bell earned her Masters and Doctorate degrees in Physical Therapy from the University of Maryland, Baltimore. A licensed physical therapist since 2002, Dr. Bell practices in San Diego, California, and specializes in consultation and treatment of patients with dizziness, vertigo, imbalance, incontinence and foot neuropathy as well as unexplained repeated falls. She has previously held Adjunct Faculty positions in the Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) programs at both University of Maryland, Baltimore, and University of St. Augustine, San Diego, and is presently a regular guest lecturer at both San Diego State University’s new DPT program and the Physical Therapy Assistant Program at Mesa College in San Diego, California.

Here are some key reasons why people fall:

  • Balance problems
  • Reduced muscle strength
  • Poor vision
  • Illness
  • Taking medicines
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Urinary Incontinence

Here are some tips to help prevent falls:

  • Use a cane or walker
  • Wear rubber-soled shoes (no flip-flops, no high heels)
  • Walk on grass when sidewalks are slick
  • Keep rooms free of clutter, especially on floors
  • Do not walk in socks, stockings, or slippers
  • Be sure rugs have skid-proof backs or are tacked to the floor
  • Be sure stairs are well lit and have rails on both sides
  • Put grab bars near tub, shower, and toilet
  • Keep a flashlight next to your bed
  • Add more lights in rooms

Click here to download Dr. Bell's home safety checklist.