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Your Dontation at Work

As the year draws to a close, we would like to thank you for your continued support of various activities and programs at the UC San Diego Center for Healthy Aging and Stein Institute for Research on Aging.

During the past year, we have made great strides. Here are some highlights:

• Four hundred attended the Inaugural Symposium of the UC San Diego Center for Healthy Aging in May.

• More than eighty UC San Diego students took part in the Design Competition to create innovative devices improving quality of life for older adults. Among the items presented were pressure-sensitive carpet tiles embedded with LED lights, a foldable shopping cart, and a smart pill dispenser.

• We sponsored and attended many community events, including Aging and Independent Services’ Aging Summit 2016: Age Well San Diego! with actor Dick Van Dyke.

• To encourage budding researchers to consider a career in geriatrics, we trained eighteen medical students from across the country in the Medical Student Training in Aging Research program funded by the National Institute on Aging.

• We provided summer research internships for a group of enthusiastic high school students from The Preuss
School UCSD.

• Our free Stein Public Lectures, hosted at UC San Diego monthly and broadcast online, have been viewed more than twenty-four million times.

• During two Think Tank on Healthy Aging meetings, world-renowned experts and visionaries worked on recommendations for policymakers.

• We continue to foster collaborations under a new cross-campus Initiative for Healthy Aging. For the first time in the history of any major university in the United States, the schools of medicine, pharmacy, engineering, and management, and major divisions and institutes have come together, under our umbrella, to make successful aging possible.

• It demands breaking professional silos and developing collaboration across disciplines to create solutions to the challenges of growing older. With this in mind, we have launched the Healthy Aging Initiative’s Seed Grant Program for researchers focused on the study and promotion of healthy aging by enabling multi-disciplinary projects that lacked standard funding streams.

• Together with San Diego Aging and Independent Services and the San Diego Foundation, we are working on making San Diego more age friendly, as part of the Age-Friendly Communities Initiative spearheaded by the World Health Organization and AARP.

• Our investigators are continuing their groundbreaking studies in accelerated and successful aging, including genetics and genomics, micro biome, and geriatric mental health. Our findings have been published in the most prestigious peer-reviewed journals.

• One of our most promising ongoing projects is the Successful AGing Evaluation (SAGE) study. SAGE is the only large-scale study on successful aging that considers the impact of positive psychological traits, such as resilience and wisdom, in addition to biological factors, providing a much more complete picture of older adults.


Your gift to the UC San Diego Center for Healthy Aging and Stein Institute for Research on Aging will allow us to help everyone lead longer and healthier lives. Please join our efforts today by supporting our programs with a charitable gift.

How Your Gift Can Help

• $25,000 funds an aging-related pilot project for a junior faculty member.

• $10,000 funds a research project for a postdoctoral fellow.

• $5,000 supports a graduate student for one quarter.

• $3,000 funds the filming of one public lecture.

• $500 funds twenty-five participants in our successful aging study.

• $350 funds a high school student for a week, including a stipend and all supplies.