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What's Happening: Recent News

Ellen Lee, MD, is the recipient of the 2020 Gerald R. Klerman Prize for Exceptional Research by a Young Investigator from the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation

SAMHSA Keynote Lecture: Combating Social Isolation For Seniors During The COVID-19 Pandemic

U3A Lecture: Loneliness in Seniors: Wisdom as an Antidote

Murray Galinson San Diego-Israel Initiative Lecture: Loneliness: The COVID-19 Toll on the Elderly

Report: Life Plan Community, UCSD-RC

Our Resilience Intervention Recognized with the Innovative Research on Aging Silver Award from the Mather LifeWays Institute

New international collaboration to address the worldwide issue of loneliness and social isolation among seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our MSTAR Program has been awarded a renewal grant from NIA

The La Jolla Community Center’s Distinguished Speaker Series features Dilip Jeste, MD

The San Diego Wisdom Scale (SD-WISE)

Dr. Jeste was the keynote speaker at King's College London

Novel Intervention in Senior Housing Communities Increases Resilience and Wisdom

Lonely in a Crowd: Overcoming Loneliness with Acceptance and Wisdom

Dr. Jeste Recognized with the 2019–2020 Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Postdoctoral Scholar Mentoring

Have You Found Meaning in Life? Answer Determines Health and Well-being

Stein Public Lecture and Fundraiser to Benefit the Lecture Series

Spotlight on a HS STAR Trainee

Introducing Local High School Students to Aging Research

Stein Medical Student Award for Excellence in Aging Research

Serious Loneliness Spans the Adult Lifespan but there is a Silver Lining

Stein Public Lecture and Fundraiser to Benefit the Lecture Series

2019 Silagi Award

2019 Stein Medical Student Award for Excellence in Aging Research

Training Future Researchers: MSTAR 2019

Human Longevity: Symposium of the Center for Healthy Aging

NASA Twin Study Provides a Multi-omics View of the Human Body’s Response to a Year in Space

UC San Diego's Department of Psychiatry Marks 50 Years

Serious Loneliness Spans the Adult Lifespan but there is a Silver Lining

Chancellor's Postdoctoral Award for Dr. Ellen Lee

Dr. Marquine's R01 Grant to Study NCI and HIV

Spotlight on Training Programs 

How Your Support Helps Us Promote Longevity

Dr. Jeste Awarded the 2018 Daniel Perry's Founder Award

Champions for Healthy Aging Awards Reception

Sleep & Healthy Aging Symposium

2018 Daniel Perry Founder’s Award Acceptant Video of Dr. Dilip Jeste

Nation's Healthy Aging Experts Offer Solutions to Address Suicide and Rapidly Rising Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders in Older Americans

Wisdom at the End of Life

Researchers Find Common Psychological Traits in Group of Italians Aged 90 to 101

Researchers Develop New Tool to Assess Individual's Level of Wisdom

International Business Machines: IBM gives UC San Diego $10 million to find better ways to detect memory loss

People with Schizophrenia Left Out of Longevity Revolution

Intervention for Healthy Brain Aging.pdf

How Your Gift Can Help Transform Aging

Year in Review: How Your Donation Works

Happy Holidays Not So Happy To Everyone


Sleep Apnea Unmasked

A Woman with Schizophrenia Thrives

Geriatrics Program Ranked Among Top 50 by U.S. News & World Report

UCSD Symposium on Healthy Aging and Senior Living Draws Crowd

Summer Training Programs

Age-Friendly Design Competition

ACTRI Symposium Explores Impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences

Dr. A'verria Martin Recognized as a 2016-17 UC San Diego Exemplary Staff Employee of the Year Award Recipient

Our Research Turned into Art: The Geeze & Me

UC San Diego Center for Healthy Aging Awarded Grant to Study Resilience

Lori Montross Thomas, PhD, a leading expert in Dignity Therapy, to be honored as an outstanding leader from San Diego by the LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation

Successful Ager in Action: Dr. Hampton 

New Training Program at the UC San Diego Center for Healthy Aging

Live Long and... Facebook?

The Geeze and Me!

Seniors and Students: Advocating for Change

UC San DIego Center for Healthy Aging Awarded Grant to Study Resilience

Successful Ager in Action - Agnes Zhelesnik

An Opportunity to Make a Difference

UC San Diego Students Create Devices to Improve Lives

Successful Ager in Action - Aurora Soriano Cudal 

Hundreds Attend the Inaugural Symposium of the UC San Diego Center for Healthy Aging

MSTAR: Spotlight on a Trainee

Successful Ager in Action - Robert Bettinger

Join Us at Aging Summit 2016 with Keynote Speaker Dick Van Dyke

Hundreds Attend Chocolate and Laughter Lecture at Stein Institute for Research on Aging

Successful Ager in Action - Reina Bolles

Who Cares? Preparing for the Elder Boom in a Changing America

Successful Ager in Action - Tommy Dunne

UCSD Researchers Among "World's Most Influential Scientific Minds"

Our Trainee Honored by the American Geriatrics Society

Aging Successfully: 9 Things that Happen to your Body (Some Aren't so Bad)

UC San Diego Center for Healthy Aging Hosts Its Third Think Tank Meeting

Center Featured in Discoveries Magazine - View magazine here

Getting Forgetful With Age? Particapte in MEDEX Study to Test Ways to Combat Mental Decline

Healthy Aging Initiative Announces Inaugural Research Projects

Dilip Jeste, M.D. Awarded Honorary Fellowship from The Royal College of Psychiatrists in London

Retooling for an Aging America: Diary of Our MSTAR Student Featured on the AFAR website

TEDMED Talk by Dr. Jeste

Positive Psychiatry: New Book by Our Director and Faculty

UC San Diego Hosts National Think Tank on Aging

Hosting the Kick-off of the SD Age Friendly Initiative

Why Senior Housing Must Change Dramatically

HS STAR 2016: It Is Never Too Early To Start Teaching About Aging

Hundreds Attend Resilience Lecture with Noted Expert Dr Darlene Mininni

Our Researcher to Lead First of its Kind NASA Identical Twin Study

Center Supporter and Donor Natasha Josefowitz Inducted to Wall of Fame

Our Trainee Awarded by the American Geriatrics Society

Addressing the Need for Geriatric Doctors

Latino Population and Clinical Trials