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MSTAR: Spotlight on a Trainee

Meet Kevin Wu, a second-year medical student at the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University. This summer, he is participating in our Medical Student Training in Aging Research Program. 

“Older adults have contributed enormously to our world. They deserve more than what our current healthcare system can provide,” Mr. Wu said. 

Kevin Woo - MSTAR Trainee“My interest in aging research comes from my personal experience. I was a primary caregiver for my grandmother with Alzheimer’s disease for most of high school and college. My firsthand experiences caring for my grandmother, seeing how much her doctor improved her wellbeing, and researching all of her different diagnoses and medications sparked my interest in medicine. 

“Despite the excellent health care delivered to my grandmother, more knowledge needs to be pursued in order to further improve the lives of the older population. Many of the problems that the older adults face, such as high risk of falls, deteriorating memory, psychological distress, and depression, are often inadequately addressed. In college, I pursued bench research to find a pharmacological treatment to improve cognitive function of Alzheimer patients. Thanks to MSTAR, I’m currently studying the cardiovascular consequences that elderly Alzheimer caregivers are susceptible to due to their chronic stress.” 

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