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Solutions to Address Rising Mental Illness in Older Americans, Alliance for Aging Research features Dilip V. Jeste, MD

The personality traits that people who live to be 100 have in common, CNBC features Dilip V. Jeste, MD

Researchers Find Resilience Counteracts Effects of Childhood Abuse and Neglect on Health, Health News Digest features Dilip V. Jeste, MD and Ellen Lee, MD

How wise are you? One scientist is trying to create a test, TED features Dilip Jeste, MD 

You can actually learn to be wise, and it can help you feel less lonely, Quartz features Dilip Jeste, MD

People Who Live to 100 Have These Traits in Common, TIME features Dilip Jeste, MD

Aging Well, Newsweek features Dilip Jeste, MD

What's a Secret to a Long Life?, features Dilip Jeste, MD

Wisdom in the Brain with Dilip Jeste, Evidence Based Wisdom features Dilip Jeste, MD

A Look Into Older Adults' State of Mind, U.S. News & World Report features Dilip Jeste, MD

New Tool to Assess Individual's Level of Wisdom, Science Daily features Dilip Jeste, MD

Baby boomers fuel wave of products meant to help them live longer and better, San Diego Union Tribune features Dilip Jeste, MD

On the Neurobiology of Wisdom, Evidence-Based Wisdom features Dilip Jeste, MD

Seniors Lend Expertise on Aging-Related Products, San Diego Union Tribune features Stein Institute for Research on Aging

How Universities Are Making a Case for Senior Housing, Senior Housing News features Dilip Jeste, MD

Grand Challenges: Ageing, Nature Podcast features Dilip Jeste, MD

Are smartphones and social media the antidotes to loneliness? San Diego Union Tribune features Dilip Jeste, MD

Note to my wife: You'll be receiving an email from me from the grave, San Diego Union Tribune features Dilip Jeste, MD

Wanted: People who love chocolate, San Diego Union Tribune features Deborah Kado, MD

Successful dying and your digital afterlife, Empowered Patient Podcast features Dilip Jeste, MD

Sharp Rise Reported in Older Americans' Use of Multiple Pyschotropic Drugs, The New York Times features Dilip Jeste, MD

A Baby Boomers' musical: 'The Geeze and Me' brings humor, honesty to aging, La Jolla Light features UC San Diego Center for Healthy Aging

Are smartphones and social media the antidotes to loneliness? San Diego Union Tribune features Dilip Jestes, MD

Wanted: people who love chocolate, San Diego Union Tribune features Deborah Kado, MD

A Baby Boomers' musical: 'The Geeze and Me' brings humor, honesty to aging, La Jolla Light features UC San Diego Center for Healthy Aging 

How Women Can Enjoy Life More As They Age,, features Dilip Jeste, MD

Sharp Rise Reported in Older Americans’ Use of Multiple Psychotropic Drugs, The New York Times features Dilip Jeste, MD

Mladší lidé jsou sice zdravější, staří jsou ale šťastnější, shrnuje svůj výzkum americký geriatr, Magazin Leonardo, features Dilip Jeste, MD

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Aging Gracefully: La Jolla Woman's Club Luncheon Offers Tips For Holiday Stress Reduction, Longevity, La Jolla Light, features Maja Gawronska

How Women Can Enjoy Life More As They Age,, features Dilip Jeste, MD

Older Adults Are Being Overlooked When it Comes to Mental Health Care, Care For Your Mind, features Daniel Sewell, MD

San Diego's Best Doctors, SD Metro Magazine, Dilip Jeste, MD recognized as one of San Diego's Best Doctors

The Huffington Post:  10 Reasons Why The Second Half Of Your Life Is Better Than Your First, features Dilip Jeste, MD

New York Times: Growing Older, Getting Happierfeatures Dilip Jeste, MD

Healthline News: Baby Boomers Changing the Healthcare Landscape features Dilip Jeste, MD

Medscape: Practicing Positive Integrative Psychiatry features Dilip Jeste, MD

SD Union Tribune: Searching for Signs of Dementia features Dilip Jeste, MD

Marketwired: Caregiving Industry Leaders Launch Family Caregiver Resource Website features Danielle Glorioso, LCSW

Senior Housing News: Senior Living Residents Inspire Next Generation of Tech Innovators  features Truong Nguyen, PhD, Maria Marquine, PhD, Don Norman, PhD

The Coast News Group: Students, Seniors Meld Ideas to Engineer New Inventions features Truong Nguyen, PhD & Maria Marquine, PhD

Quartz: The 11 Qualities of a Good Death, According to Research features Dilip Jeste, MD

SD Union Tribune: UCSD Students Create Products for Senior Citizens​, features the Center for Healthy Aging.

Center for Practical Wisdom:  TedMed Talk: Dilip Jeste on Seeking Wisdom in Graying Matter features Dilip Jeste, MD

SD Union Tribune: Health, Housing Focus of UCSD Healthy Aging Symposium​, features the Center for Healthy Aging & Dilip Jeste, MD

Nautilus: The Wisdom of the Aging Brain, features Dilip Jeste, MD

The San Diego Union Tribune: Is San Diego Age Friendly? features Dilip Jeste, MD 

SD Foundation Press Release: The San Diego Foundation Awards Grants to Build Age Friendly Communities Across the Region, features the Stein Institute for Research on Aging & Center fo Healthy Aging

SD Union Tribune: Our Demise Gives Us Pause, features Dilip Jeste, MD

SD Union Tribune: Area's First Geriatric ER is Coming to UCSD, features the Center for Healthy Aging

Senior Housing News: Why Universities are Getting into Senior Housing features Dilip Jeste MD

SD Union Tribune: Smile! Laughter and Chocolate are Good for your Health features the Stein Institute for Research on Aging

SD Union Tribune: GoGoGrandparent Helps Seniors without Smartphones features Dilip Jeste, MD

UCSD Press Release: Global Study Finds Neighborhood Design Helps Put Best Foot Forward for Health features Jacqueline Kerr, PhD

Los Angeles Times: What Does it Mean to Have a "Good Death"?

US News & World Report: Study Asks, What is a "Good Death"?

HealthDay: Study Asks, What is a "Good Death"?

Medical News Today: What Does a "Good Death" Really Mean?

SD Union Tribune: The Secret to Happiness? Get Old.

LiveMint: Think Positive Psychiatry

Politico: Is 70 Too Old to be President?

Psychiatric Times: Positive Psychiatry: An Interview with Dilip V. Jeste, M.D.  

SD Union Tribune: Aging Issues are Focus of Lecture Series  

TEDMED: 2015 TEDMED Speakers: A Look Behind the Scenes 

SD Union Tribune: There's No Place Like... the Hospital?

Mobi Health News: New Council Will Guide Family Caregivers to Available Tools

SD Union Tribune: Is your House Too Young for You?

SD Union Tribune: When to Talk about Elder Care?

Senior Housing News: Why Senior Housing Must Change Dramatically

US News & World Report: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Linked to Accelerated Aging

SD Union Tribune: The Future of Aging in Place

San Diego Union Tribune: Aging Expo

The Colbert Report: The Benefits of Pessimism

The Atlantic: The Real Roots of Midlife Crisis

Wall Street Journal: A Perfect Dose of Pessimism

San Diego Union Tribune: New UCSD Think Tank to Tackle Aging Issues

NY Magazine: Happiness in Schizophrenia

Rediff NEWS: We Need to Stop Thinking about How Older People Are a Burden to Society

O Magazine: Is Stress Contagious?

NY Times: Volunteers Provide Backup to the Uniformed Ranks

The Baltimore Chicago Tribune: Defining the Subtleties of Grief

Pixelkin: 7 Reasons To Get Grandma and Grandpa Gaming

Today: Michelle Obama's Big Day: 5 Things to Love about Turning 50

Psychiatric News: Optimism Linked to Brain Functionin Older People

KPBS: Telehealth Counseling Makes PTSD Treatment Accessible For Veterans

Renegade Health: 5 Good Things About Getting Older features Dilip Jeste, MD

Dilip Jeste, MD, Attends President Obama's BRAIN Initiative Announcement

NAMI: The Depression Boom: As U.S. Population Ages, Mental Illness Raises features Dilip Jeste, MD

U-T San Diego: Challenges of Treating the Elderly

ABC News: Top 3 Sleep Problems, Solved 
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The New York Times: No End to Trauma for Some Older Veterans features Steven Thorp, PhD

The New York Times: The Benefits of Exercising Outdoors features Jacqueline Kerr, PhD

WebMD: Rock of Ages features Ipsit Vahia, MD

MSN: Four Common Antipsychotic Drugs Found to Lack Safety and Effectiveness in Older Adults

Paradox of Aging: The Older We Get, the Better We Feel?

NBC News: Good News about Aging: Get Older, Feel Better, Study Finds

MSN: Long-Term Use of Some Antipsychotics Not Warranted in Older Adults: Study

Clinical Psychiatry News: Older Adults With Schizophrenia Can Achieve Remission

USC School of Social Work NewsBytes Newsletter: Barrio to Examine Research Literacy Among Latinos

Hartford Foundation: Hartford Center of Excellence in Geriatric Psychiatry

UCSD Health Systems: UC San Diego to Study Accelerated Aging in Schizophrenia

The San Diego Union Tribune: What You Can And Cannot Do To Ward Off Dementia

Medscape Today: 'Positive Psychiatry' Focus of New APA President's Term

Redwood Age: Psychiatrists to List New Mental Disorders in Seniors

Jezebel: After 60, Your Sex Life Can Still Be Awesome

La Jolla Light:Is there a Doctor in the House? 'There will be Four at the Jeste Family Residence in La Jolla!