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A’verria Martin Recognized with UC San Diego Exemplary Staff Employee of the Year Award

Congratulations to A'verria Martin, PhD, for being recognized as a 2016–17 UC San Diego Exemplary Staff Employee of the Year!

The highest recognition for staff, the Exemplary Staff Employee of the Year Award Program recognizes career employees who make exceptional contributions to the UC San Diego and San Diego communities in support of the vision to be a "student-centered, research-focused, service-oriented public university."

Dr. Martin oversees the research and development of the UC San Diego Center for Healthy Aging and the Stein Institute for Research on Aging and its 120 faculty members. Her responsibilities include developing and implementing strategic plans; assisting with research development; evaluating, administering, and overseeing pilot projects; collaborating with colleagues around grant writing; identifying, hiring, and training new research personnel; and supervision and evaluation of key staff and personnel. In addition, she is involved in continued direct coordination of the Successful Aging Evaluation (SAGE) study. 


Here's what Dr. Martin's staff, colleagues, and supervisors are saying:

"The UC San Diego Center for Healthy Aging is a multidisciplinary group that is focused on advancing lifelong health and well-being through research training and community outreach. Dr. Martin manages a large research center here within our group with a budget of well over two million dollars a year," said Danielle Glorioso, LCSW, executive director of the UC San Diego Center for Healthy Aging.

"Dr. Martin has been at UC San Diego since she was an undergraduate. She worked as a staff member, then she was a research fellow, and now she holds a very-high-level staff position as a staff director of research. She has fulfilled every one of these roles so well that we feel honored to work with her," said Dilip V. Jeste, MD, senior associate dean of healthy aging and senior care at UC San Diego.

"We recently had a research grant renewal, and we needed to have documented support from a number of local board and care operators. Dr. Martin and her staff were able to get that document and support very quickly. I believe this had to do with the groundwork Dr. Martin has laid for years of establishing and maintaining these solid collaborative relationships in the community," said Barton Palmer, PhD, professor of psychiatry at UC San Diego.

"Dr. Martin not only has her job here as the director of research, but she also has her own private clinical practice as a marriage and family therapist. In her personal life, she's married and, on top of that, she trains for fitness competitions. This is a woman who barely has time to sleep, but it doesn't stop her from giving 110 percent into every project," said Rebecca Daly, programmer analyst at UC San Diego.

"Dr. Martin is very hardworking. She loves checklists, and somehow she always manages to check off every single box. She's understanding and very compassionate. She is very driven, so whenever she sets her mind on anything, she just goes for it and always accomplishes it," said Yadira Maldonado, staff research associate at UC San Diego.