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A Proposal to Establish

University of California San Diego Retirement Community

An On-Campus Living/Learning Residential Community for Senior Retirees

Due to the pandemic and campus planning priorities, the UCSD Retirement Community planning is on hold.  We'll report here on any updates as they unfold.

UCSD-RC Resources

UCSD-RC Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking outside of the box has been the hallmark of UC San Diego ever since its inception. That boldness is guided by an absolute commitment to the highest standards in research, teaching, and the public service agenda, and disseminating those findings to the state, nation, and world.

Conceived to be a public/private partnership (PPP), the UCSD Retirement Community (UCSD-RC) is envisioned as a state-of-the-art home to a stable, diverse, and engaged community of resident adults 60+ benefitting from the application of the best practices in healthy aging developed here at UC San Diego and elsewhere. The research-based environment of this community will serve as a model for a healthy and active lifestyle. Instead of merely managing the effects of aging, the UCSD-RC will focus on social integration across generations, promoting a more meaningful, productive, and healthy life.  Moreover, the community we envision will support a shift from a historic "anti-aging" paradigm to an enriched appreciation of the values of lifelong learning, public service, and change.

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Jeanne Ferrante, Professor-Emerita Computer Science & Engineering
Co-Chair, UCSD-RC Work Group 

Cecil Lytle, Professor of Music/Provost of Thurgood Marshall College-Emeritus
Co-Chair, UCSD-RC Work Group

UCSD-RC Work Group Members

Ron Campnell, UCSD IT Security Administrator, Retired

Joel Dimsdale, Distinguished Professor-Emeritus, UCSD Psychiatry

Jeanne Ferrante, Professor-Emerita, Computer Science & Engineering, Co-Chair, UCSD-RC

Danielle Glorioso, Executive Director, UC San Diego Center for Healthy Aging

M. Boone Hellmann, FAIA, UCSD Associate Vice Chancellor UCSD Facilities, Design & Construction, Emeritus, Retirement Association Liaison

Dilip Jeste, Distinguished Professor Psychiatry & Neurosciences, Senior Associate Dean for Healthy Aging and Senior Care, Director, UCSD Center for Healthy Aging

Russell King, Special Project Advisor, UCSD Chancellor's Office

Cecil Lytle, Professor/Provost-Emeritus, Music/Thurgood Marshall College, Co-Chair, UCSD-RC

Don Norman, Distinguished Professor-Emeritus, Cognitive Science, Psychology, and Affiliate of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Director, Design Lab  

Ramesh Rao, Professor Electrical & Computer Engineering, UCSD Director Qualcomm Institute

Roger Spragg, Professor-Emeritus, Medicine,  UCSD Emeriti Association Liaison


Suzan Cioffi, Director, UCSD Retirement Resource Center

David Bailey, UCSD Distinguished Professor Pathology & Pharmacy, UCSD Academic Senate

Robert Clossin, Director UCSD Campus Planning

Rae Hartigan, Principal Planner UCSD Campus Planning

Alison Moore, Chief, UCSD Division of  Geriatrics & Gerontology

Jennifer Reichstadt, Director, Education & Development, UCSD Geriatrics