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Phase I: Life Plan Community, UCSD-RC

In January 2020 the UCSD-RC Work Group engaged the Kendal Corporation to conduct a comprehensive Phase I market research study of the proposed Life Plan Community, UCSD-RC. The study had two components, Market Analysis, to predict future feasibility, and a Demographic Market Survey, to gauge interest and financial qualification of over sixty thousand UCSD affiliates. The Executive Summary Report below summarizes the results, which include the following:
  • There is a strong, positive demand for all four levels of care analyzed:  Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Nursing Care.
  • Market demand and competitive analysis would accommodate the number of residences envisioned in the UCSD-RC.
  • The survey had a strong response rate, with 86% of respondents indicating interest in a move to a Life Plan Community.
  • The cohort surveyed is largely financially qualified.
  • Over 1600 respondents indicated their interest in learning more about a future UCSD-RC.