Truss by Truss

The Altman CTRI Building

The Altman CTRI Building Goes Up

January 28, 2015 | Patti Wieser

Construction on the Altman CTRI Building is marching forward, one steel truss at a time. Rudolph and Sletten, general and engineering contractors on the building project, have erected all the steel roof trusses.

"The 'Super Truss' acts like a bridge across the 110-foot opening between the East and West wings of the building," said Michael E. Downs, A.I.A., UC San Diego principal architect and project manager for the Altman CTRI Building. He added that floor levels L3 and L4 are suspended from the truss, which also supports the cantilevered floors at the northeast and southwest corner of the building.

The $269-million, seven-story, steel-and-concrete building, scheduled to open the first quarter of 2016, will encompass 359,000 gross square feet on the medical campus of UC San Diego in La Jolla. Named in recognition of a leadership gift from Steve and Lisa Altman, it will establish a central facility that enables laboratory and clinical researchers to work side-by-side and share resources in their efforts to better understand and treat disease.

View a recent construction video on YouTube