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Team Science and Community-Engaged Implementation

​By Rohini Bulusu & Nikki Schroeder, members of the DISC Internship program

Recently, the UC San Diego Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute (ACTRI) hosted a two-day workshop to discuss community engagement as a guiding framework for effective multidisciplinary research, also called "team science" research. The workshop, entitled "Applying the Science of Teams to Community-Engaged Implementation Research," provided participants the opportunity for researchers and community members to share their strategies and experiences practicing community engaged team science research.

The plenary session, "The Role of Team Science in Community-Academic and Community-Engaged Research," explored the work of community partners. From sharing best practices for more inclusive research participation, to discussing the essential role of resource-sharing and community compensation, each speaker identified essential elements of an equitable community-academic partnership. Additionally, speakers provided insight on how a community organization may, or may not, decide to participate in a team science research project.

This session's panelists included San Diego community leaders and activists, including Reem Zubaidi (San Diego Refugee Communities Coalition), Ramah Awad (Majdal Center), Margarita Holguin (National Partnership for Training Community Health Workers), and Jesse Nodora, Community Engagement Director for ACTRI. Their shared expertise and knowledge emphasized the value community partners add to scientific discovery, translational research, and team science effectiveness.

This event was co-hosted by the Team Science, DISC, and Community Engagement teams at ACTRI.