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ACTRI Biobanking Supports Study on COVID-19 Vaccine Effects on Breastfeeding

ACTRI's biobanking capabilities contributed to the success of a recent study published in Breastfeeding Medicine. Researchers found that breastfeeding mothers who received either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccination reported the same symptoms as what has been previously reported in non-breastfeeding women, with no serious side effects in the breastfed infants.‚Äč ACTRI co-created the Human Milk Biorepository in 2014 with Rady Children's Hospital and that infrastructure was key to the study's success.

"ACTRI has supported the biobanking for the UCSD Human Milk Biorepository since day one," says Dr. Christina Chambers, one of the study's authors. Chambers is on ACTRI's executive committee and works closely with the Center for Life Course and Vulnerable Population Research. "Without that support we would not have been able to do the study."

The results of the study made headlines both locally and internationally. Read the UC San Diego Health press release here