Meet Research Navigator, Michael Ziegler, MD

Michael Ziegler, MD

Michael Ziegler, MD

To assist investigators make the best use of available resources, the CTRI has added a Research Navigator, Michael Ziegler, MD, to help investigators select services. Dr. Ziegler can provide consultation on CTRI services that can benefit research proposals and help guide investigators to the appropriate CTRI resource. His help can include assistance with study design, data and sample storage and handling, assay availability, CTRI facilities and technicians, options for analysis of the research data and clinical trial registration.

Dr. Ziegler is prior director of the General Clinical Research Center at UCSD. He has many years of translational research experience, including bench research and experience running both investigator-initiated and sponsored clinical trials. He serves on the CTRI Executive Committee and has chaired many NIH study section review meetings. He can provide advice on CTRI resources available for grant applications.

To access the research navigator, complete the top portion of the CTRI service request form. Dr. Ziegler will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your project.

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