CTRI Community Engagement Working to Inform the Public About Clinical Research

Dr. Taras and R. von Jaeger

Rodney von Jaeger, MPH and Howard Taras, MD educate the public about participation in clinical research

February 26, 2013 - Dr. Howard Taras and Rodney von Jaeger of the CTRI Community Engagement Division recently sat down with Beth Wood, a reporter for the San Diego Union-Tribune and discussed clinical research and the contribution that members of the public make when they choose to volunteer in a clinical trial. Dr. Taras and Rodney von Jaeger discussed with the reporter how the research process works, the pros and cons of becoming a research study participant, some of the reasons that people choose to participate in clinical trials and where volunteers can go to learn about current studies seeking volunteers. They also discussed ResearchMatch.org, an NIH sponsored registry of individuals who are willing to be contacted with information about participating in clinical research. Portions of the interview were included in an article published in the Union-Tribune on February 26, 2013.