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Imaging Technology Resource (ITR)

Imaging Technology Resource will align existing facilities, encourage utilization of advanced ones in research, and promote training in the relevant techniques and instruments. TRT will help connect clinical investigators to the basic scientists developing new imaging technology, so that they  can jointly validate and apply the innovative techniques.

Imaging Technology Resource (ITR) components:
  • Magnetic Resonance - Resonance—Investigators can utilize the expertise provided in MRI for brain mapping and functional studies using magnetoencephalography (MEG) and fMRI to study the brain at its most basic  functional level. MR with extremely short echo-times is being developed to allow improved imaging of articular cartilage and cortical bone
  • Assessment of Blood Flow and Tissue Glucose Metabolism - Rapid dynamic scanning yields physiologic indices such as blood flow, capillary permeability, and fractional blood volume. FDG PET measures glucose metabolism to distinguish aggressive from quiescent disease and provides evidence of therapeutic response
  • Molecular Imaging - Molecular imaging aims at improving patient selection and at assessing drug effects on their therapeutic targets in vivo. It allows the recognition of receptor regulation, the presence and activity of specific enzymes, the detection of gene expression, and the detection and tracking of specific cells.  Imaging tools under development include combined transducer-based ultrasound and optical imaging to evaluate molecular targets