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Welcome to ACTRI Health Data Portal

The ACTRI provides a wide range of data services to support research. We can help you at all stages of your study, from cohort identification to data collection to results analysis and storage.

This Health Data Portal will introduce you to our services and help you get started.

UCSD COVID-19 Registries

COVID-19 research data available to the UCSD research community. Read more

Virtual Research Desktop (VRD)

Work with your research data in a secure, HIPAA-compliant virtual environment. Read more

Data Extraction Concierge Service (DECS)

ACTRI and HS Information Services partnered with the Department of Radiology to add radiology images (CT, MRI, plain radiographs) to the DECS service

Patient data extracts for research analysis. Read more


Build and manage online surveys and forms. Read more


Integrated software for managing clinical research trials and studies. Read more

Accrual to Clinical Trials (ACT)

Identify eligible patients for clinical trials from a nationwide network. Read more


Data visualization tool – turn dry data into vibrant charts and diagrams! Read more

UC Health Data Warehouse (UCHDW)

The UCHDW currently holds data on nearly 6 million patients seen at a UC facility since 2012. These patients received care from nearly 100,000 health care providers in over 200 million encounters, with nearly 200 million procedures, more than half a billion medication orders, and with over 2 billion vital signs measurements and test results. Over 600,000 of these patients are primary care patients.

Access to this information requires technical familiarity and ability to write code in R, Python, or Spark SQL, that queries the deidentified clinical data. The BMI team may assist to provision access directly to the UCHDW data. If assistance is needed in preparing the customized queries, there will be a recharge fee.

To request access, please send email to

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