Galvanizing Engineering in Medicine (GEM) Program

The Galvanizing Engineering in Medicine (GEM) program is an initiative to bring engineers and clinicians together to develop innovative technologies that can be applied to solving challenging problems in medical care. As part of this program, clinicians in a specific area of medicine first identify an unmet need in patient care and then work with a team of engineers to solve the problem and move the technology to the clinic. It is a collaboration between the ACTRI and the Institute of Engineering in Medicine that is facilitated by the UC San Diego Office of Research Affairs. Leading this initiative are Gary Firestein, Shu Chien and Deborah Spector.

The GEM 2019 request for applications is now open!

Healthcare Horizons – Galvanizing Engineering in Medicine Seminar Series

Our seminar series, “Healthcare Horizons – Galvanizing Engineering in Medicine,” continues in Winter 2019, showcasing GEM projects and providing a forum for establishing more collaborations between clinicians and engineers. The seminars will be held at 4:00 p.m. on the second and fourth Monday of the month, beginning January 28th, in the Altman Clinical and Translation Research Institute Building – Room 2E-111. Read more

GEM Awardees Comment on the Program:

The GEM program provides an opportunity for us to get out of our silos and make clinically relevant advancements through cross-disciplinary collaboration.”

“The GEM award provided critical seed funding for us that has been extremely valuable in allowing us to develop our technology, obtain pilot data, advance our research, obtain further funding, and will likely lead to commercialization of this technology.”

“We are really grateful that this GEM program catalyzed major progress in our labs."

“The GEM program provides the stimulus for bringing together engineers and medical clinicians to discover new ways to help patients. Another important aspect of GEM is training the next generation of engineering students and young physicians to collaborate together.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that the GEM program has succeeded in achieving Chancellor Khosla's vision of different parts of the University collaborating to discover novel solutions to complicated problems.”

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"A GEM of a Prize: CTRI and IEM Award Galvanizing Engineering in Medicine Projects"