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ACTRI Vouchers

UC San Diego Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute (ACTRI) is pleased to offer vouchers for ACTRI research services. These vouchers are designed to support early-stage projects that need preliminary data for subsequent applications for federal or foundation grants and to supplement federally funded studies. They are not cash awards and can only be used for in-kind services, including those related to the clinic, biostatistics, bioinformatics, coordinator, and labs. Services are contingent upon resource availability. To apply for a voucher, please fill out a ACTRI Voucher Request Form.


Unfunded projects that are designed to gather preliminary data for a grant submission and NIH-funded studies are eligible and the primary focus of the program. In addition, ACTRI Pilot Projects, Career Development Awards (K-series only; UC San Diego only) and ACTRI KL2 awardees. Vouchers can potentially be used to supplement two types of NIH-funded studies for ACTRI clinical services only. Type I use the vouchers to supplement the NIH-approved funds for clinical services required for the project. Type II use the vouchers to expand on the project to collect new data that will be used for renewal or new grants.

For any project requiring IRB or IACUC approval, the voucher application should be submitted in conjunction with the IRB/IACUC submission. Except for Pilot Projects and Type I NIH-funded studies, all studies involving direct patient contact will require an ACTRI Scientific Review Committee evaluation for scientific merit before granting an ACTRI voucher. Voucher applications can be submitted at any time during the year. Awarding the ACTRI voucher is contingent upon the availability of the services requested.

The ACTRI voucher amount will depend on the services being performed – see the table below. Qualified investigators are limited to one voucher in a 12-month period (grant budget period). Investigators with an awarded voucher in a budget year will have their other voucher applications rejected. Once the current year ACTRI voucher budget is expended, vouchers will not be approved. All vouchers expire on the same day as the CTSA grant budget end date, and no extensions will be granted.

PI Voucher Eligibility Guidelines:

First priority:
  • ACTRI members; currently limited to junior faculty (at assistant level, but exceptions may be made for early associate level professors). Vouchers may be opened to senior faculty pending future fund availability.”
Second priority:
  • Clinicians, basic scientists, immunologists, etc. who are getting into research.
  • Associate-level professors may also qualify if funding is limited.
Third priority:
  • Grad students, PhD students, post-doc trainees, or residents that are sponsored by faculty members that meet above criteria.

Three levels of support are available:

Category A

Biostatistics and Bioinformatics services

– up to $1,000 per investigator budget year

Category B

Center for Clinical Research services

– up to $5,000 per investigator budget year

Category C

Laboratory services

– up to $5,000 per investigator budget year

Category D

Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (CCBB) services

Tier 1 – up to $500 in CCBB project planning and consultation

Tier 2 – up to $10,000 in CCBB data analysis services


Category A can include ACTRI support for design, biostatics, and informatics consultation.Category B can include ACTRI clinical services: nursing services, study coordination, nutrition assistance, exercise testing, ultrasound imaging and DEXA scanning, V02 testing, phlebotomy, room only, and equipment use only.Category C can include ACTRI laboratory services: analysis and biobank.

Category D includes consultation and data analysis only, and is not for generating data.

Tier 1 includes translational medicine and systems biology brainstorming, project planning and consultation.

Tier 2 includes data analysis services (RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, DNA-seq, microbiome, network analysis, data mining, etc.


Investigators should submit an application for ACTRI Vouchers by submitting a ACTRI Voucher Request Form.

Questions about ACTRI Vouchers should be directed to the CTRI Finance Team (