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Our mission is to create awareness about the limitless opportunities in translational science, which is the discipline turning observations in the laboratory, clinic, and community into interventions that improve the health of individuals and the public. This is done through hands-on education by a muti-disciplinary faculty of experienced biomedical industry professionals using real-world examples focused on biomedical products from ideation to commercialization, encompassing drugs, cell & gene therapy, and medical technology—including devices, wearables, digital health, and diagnostics. We pride ourselves in opening the minds of a multi-disciplinary group of learners across a wide breath of experience levels—from postdoctoral scholars to healthcare professionals and biomedical industry professionals—about how to leverage the tools and principles of translational science to tackle the healthcare and life science challenges that we are currently facing.

Our Logo

Our logo is a visual representation of what we stand for and how we envision translational science to be. The yellow circle as a foundation represents what we understand of science today as related to healthcare and life sciences. Slightly off from this circle and upwards to the right an orange circle describes innovation and where we could take healthcare and life sciences. We need to use what we know to apply it and innovate. Inside these two circles there are two lines that stand out and cross over these two philosophies. The one on top represents all the basics sciences that encompass pre-clinical research today – chemistry, biochemistry, biology, physics, etc. This line is in a downward slant until it reaches the second line which is clinical and market research. One area cannot continue without the other, as they depend on each other to innovate. Pre-clinical research can only go so far before it stays as “how things work” knowledge. On the other hand, clinical research without a pre-clinical foundation cannot continue, and can only have market success once it establishes a strong foundation. They intersect, understand each other, and acquire meaning and purpose to become a healthcare innovation product successful in the real world.

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