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CREST Program Format

Broad-based curriculum encompassing major areas of clinical research that:

    • Can be completed in 1-3 years;
    • Are comprised of nine modules which are:
      • Given over one academic quarter each
      • Each course is designed to be given over one academic quarter and is comprised of 10 weekly, 2-hour periods of instruction which are given in the early evening (4-6). The regularly scheduled core classes are typically held from 4-6 pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays at UCSD La Jolla Campus.
    • Seminar series complement the modules and are given on Monday or Tuesday evenings from 4-7 Pm. Applicants are required to take one (2unit) seminar from Professional Development Series.  

In order to accommodate the varying needs, we have incorporated a track system which permits flexibility while retaining structured modular instruction.

  • Track I
    • Will involve a limited number of modules and is only for those who are interested in attending selected modules; can apply anytime but enrollment is based on space availability.
  • Track II
    •  Will commit to the entire eight module, two-year curriculum and will have receive course credit towards Masters degree in Clinical Research.
  • Taking all CREST modules is equivalent to approximately 20 credit units which can be applied towards a  Masters degree in Clinical Research. Track II enrollees are required to elect if they plan to apply these credits towards the MAS degree after completing 14-16 credit units in the CREST program.
  • Total units required for MAS degree: 40

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