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Evaluations: Feedback To Students

Students' Feedback/Comments  Faculty Feedback to Students
  Epidemiology I - CLRE-251: Happy Araneta, Ph.D.
Winter 2017 Students' Feedback
 Winter 2017 Faculty to Students Feedback
  Epidemiology II - CLRE-257: Happy Araneta, Ph.D.   
  Patient Oriented Res. I - CLRE-250: J. Allen McCutchan, MD   
  Patient Oriented Res. II  - CLRE-256: J. Allen McCutchan, MD   
  Biostatistics I  - CLRE-253: Florin Vaida, PhD  
  Biostatistics II  - CLRE-254: Florin Vaida, PhD  
  Health Services Research - CLRE-252: James D. Murphy, MD, MS  
  Data Mgmt & Informatics - CLRE-255: Joe Ramsdell, MD  
  Scientific Communication Skills - CLRE-259: Gerry Boss, MD  
  Personal Development Skills   - CLRE-258:Anne Liljenstrand, PhD.  
  Project Management - CLRE-258: Andrew Sarkin, PhD.  
  Group Coaching - CLRE-258: Anne Liljenstrand, PhD.  
  Research Budgeting, Fiscal Management, and Billing - CLRE-258
Jennifer J. Ford, MBA