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Epidemiology I Students/Faculty Feedback

Winter 2017:


Students Feedback



Faculty to Students Feedback



*I really enjoyed the class! One comment - there was a lot of reading material required for each lecture. That's not a bad thing in and of itself, but I found that the

*I really enjoyed the class! One comment - there was a lot of reading material required for each lecture. That's not a bad thing in and of itself, but I found that the previous lectures were very similar to class and stopped watching them halfway through. You might make them optional and stress the important concepts from the book chapters.

*Everything was great in this class, I enjoyed it very much. The only thing I would change is the length of the midterm, I felt I could have done much better with more time or a shorter exam.

*Give more examples when presenting.

*I think It would be great if practicing questions (particularly problem based questions) were added to each lesson. This will improve the understanding and the research skills level.

*I think Rick did a great job. As an instructor, it is evident that he genuinely cares about his students and our learning. Given this was his first course teaching, I believe he did very well. I would encourage him to trust his knowledge and be confident in presenting/teaching. I believe that with time he will become a very highly lauded faculty member.

*Great course! I enjoyed the study design portion more than the exams. More engaging to design something and receive feedback than to study and regurgitate information

*More time is needed for midterm exam. We should receive feedback for homework and more if you didn't get the full grade.
*From my perspective, a bigger emphasis on study creation and a smaller focus on some of the earlier topics (i.e. calculating standardized mortality) would have been useful. Overall well-designed and executed. Great job by both the faculty and TA.

*For the midterm exam I will suggest to give more time.

*Thank you for everything Professor. one of the best courses ever :)

*No instruction on midterm day.
*I really enjoyed this course. As a physician and clinical researcher I learned some very valuable skills that I will definitely be using throughout my career. I am looking forward to Epidemiology 2.
Definitely could approve on posting the lectures online in a more timely fashion (6pm on Wed was planned but rarely happened, sometimes it took until Monday). I think this was a problem with Triton Ed somehow. Personally I don't need a break if class is only 2 hrs. Sample midterm was a lot shorter than the actual midterm, this could have been clearer (sample questions vs sample midterm).

*The course instructor is dedicated, kind, and a good role model. He is still learning how to express his ideas clearly to the class, but this was his first course and I am sure his confidence will improve over time.

*I felt like the in-class lectures were great, but they were largely repeated from the online-posted lectures. I stopped watching the online lectures after a couple of weeks. It's a nice resource, but you don't need to recommend that students invest hours and hours of time covering all of the prep material for each class. The textbook and the lectures complement each other nicely. You should emphasize that the online lectures are more useful as test review than for class prep. That being said, I'm looking forward to Epi II! Thanks, Rick!