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Personal Development skills

Objective: The clinical research scientist’s communication style and group process skills impact his or her ability to persuade, listen, lead decision-making, collaborate, receive support, challenge assumptions, provide clarity, motivate, and address conflict.  This course provides assessment, calibration, and strengthening of one’s workplace communication abilities through self assessment, small group activities, and practice in communication methods.  The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator will serve as a baseline for understanding how we typically communicate and what limits our effectiveness.  Each session builds in complexity and requires personal goal setting.   Through the readings, activities, observations with feedback, practice, and goal setting, this course offers a safe laboratory environment for students to:

  • Understand one’s personal communication style and preferences
  • Provide and receive useful and constructive feedback 3. Build inquiry and questioning skills to deepen and encourage critical thinking in a group
  • Increase personal capacity for influencing through the practice of group process skills: facilitation, decision making, and evaluation
  • Improve meetings and teams through assessment and application of key communication tools
  • Resolve a workplace communication challenge