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Group Coaching: Anne Liljenstrand, Ph.D.

Objectives: This hands-on seminar will allow professionals to gain skills in management and professional work related topics.  The skills will primarily be gained through participation in Group Coaching sets:

“Group Coaching is a process in which 4-6 participants address current real-work challenges in a simple structured format, problem-solve through guided questioning, and commit to action based on new insights” Group Coaching; Seeing things differently, pg. 11 Bader & Russo

The following broad topics will be explored:

  • Communication
  • Leading Self using Your Strengths
  • Your Network
  • Working with & Managing others
  • Managing & Capitalizing on Conflict
  • Influence & Persuasion

The objective is to build insight, confidence and skills in how to more effectively manage work related topics.  Each session builds in complexity and requires professional/ personal goal setting.

Through the group coaching experience, readings, goal setting, discussions and a self-assessment this course offers a safe workshop environment for students to:

  • Increase professional skills through the practice of facilitation, inquiry, listening, goal setting, taking action and evaluation
  • Understand ones’ strengths
  • Better understand how to work with and manage others
  • Better understand conflict
  • Understand and build influence skills
  • Provide and receive useful and constructive feedback
  • Improve meetings and teams through application of key communication tools
  • Resolve workplace related challenges