CREST Program Curriculum

CREST (Clinical Research Enhancement through Supplemental Training) program is targeted to researchers from all disciplines, particularly physicians enrolled in fellowship training or starting their academic career. The curriculum provides comprehensive coverage of all dimensions of clinical research while allowing scholars to spend the majority of their time in research and clinical activities.

Core Curriculum:

*Please note that "Core Courses" are offered twice a year but you only need to take them once! 

Epidemiology I (CLRE-251) - Winter or Summer - 2 units

Epidemiology II (CLRE-257) - Spring  or Fall - 2 units

Patient-Oriented Research I (CLRE-250) - Summer or Winter - 2 units

Patient-Oriented Research II (CLRE-256) - Fall or Spring - 2 units

Biostatistics I (CLRE-253) - Winter or Summer - 2 units

Biostatistics II (CLRE-254) - Spring  or Fall - 2 units

Health Services Research (CLRE-252) - Summer or Winter - 2 units

Data Management and Informatics (CLRE-255) - Fall or Spring - 2 units

Scientific Communication Skills (CLRE-259) - Winter - 2 units

CREST Certificate Electives: 

Professional Development Seminar Series (CLRE-258):

Group Coaching - Summer - 2 units

Personal Development Skills - Winter - 2 units

Project Management - Spring - 2 units

Research Budgeting and project management - Fall - 2 units  

All applicants must select one (2 unit) seminar from Professional Development Series above. 

 Total units required for CREST Certificate: 20


Total Units Required for MAS Degree = 40

Details of the Master’s Degree program curriculum can be found at the MAS website