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Scholarship Opportunities

Merit-Based Scholarship is Available
to Incoming CREST Students:

The CTRI is pleased to offer merit scholarships for incoming CREST students starting summer quarter 2016. Your work experience, research experience and overall admissions profile can qualify you to receive financial assistance to help offset the cost of your CREST Advanced Certificate.  CTRI will offer these awards each year at the summer and winter admission cycles that cover up to 50% of tuition expenses per recipient.

To apply for the award, please send a detailed description of your career and personal accomplishments, and why you feel you are deserving of such an award. This can include academic successes, professional successes, and personal achievements and stories. Please include information about how you plan to use the certificate to further your career, and share what you would like to be doing in five years. (Max 500 words – one page).
Include any and all materials that support your case. Be specific and persuasive in your document. The committee will be inclined to give awards to those applicants who best communicate their merits, accomplishments and future plans.

Please submit your application to be considered for a scholarship with a cover letter and supporting documents to Seble Chernet at

$$ Apply & Get Nominated $$

The deadline for submission is April 30th for summer quarter and September 30th for winter quarter .


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