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Important Fee Changes:
>>Effective Fall-2019 there will be an adjustment in the tuition rates to accommodate the rising costs of materials and services that the program must purchase. The new tuition fees are as follows:
UCSD residents, fellows, staff, and affiliate the cost is $600/2unit course ($300/unit).
UCSD faculty and affiliate faculty the cost is $800/2 unit course ($400/unit).  
Non-UCSD affiliate the cost is $1600 per course ($800/unit)
The fee covers the costs for lectures and course materials including books.

In order to have access to course materials online through TED/ Blackboard on time for class, you MUST submit your payment by due date.

For information about CREST Program payment, please contact Seble Chernet at

If interested in transferring to the degree program after completing 20 units with discounted fee through CREST Program, please visit the Masters Degree program website.