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Epidemiology I: Balambal Bharti, MBBS, MPH, PhD and John Bellettiere, PhD

Objectives: Scholars will recognize and understand different types of epidemiologic study designs, the relative strengths and limitations of each, and the proper choice of study design in conducting their own research. They will also be able to identify and calculate the correct measure of risk for each study design. Participants will recognize major sources of bias, confounding, interaction and misclassification, and understand design and analysis methods of dealing with each. They will also be familiar with criteria to differentiate association from causation, and understand the components of causality. Participants will conclude this course with a written final examination.

Course Content

Topic Content


Disease transmission, population based investigation

Epidemiological Measurement

Rates, adjusted rates, prevalence, incidence

Cross-Sectional Studies

Design, implementation and analysis

Prospective/Cohort Studies

Design, implementation and analysis

Case Control Studies

Design, implementation and analysis

Intervention Studies/Experimental

Design, implementation and analysis

Bias, Confounding and Interaction

How to recognize, avoid, or correct

Screening and Diagnostic Testing

Sensitivity, specificity, screening programs


Association vs. Causality, components of causality

Review for Final Exam

Epi I Syllabus 2021